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Author Interview Number Six – Lillian Bishop and Constance Williams

Welcome to Lillian Bishop and Constance Williams!

Please tell us a little about yourself.

Can you tell us a little about the background to your writing partnership?

Good question to start with – it’s a little unusual. We couldn’t have done anything, in the days before the internet, because we live thousands of miles away from each other! Lillian is from the northern USA, and Constance is from the UK. We were introduced through a mutual friend over ten years ago, and discovered that we both had a passion for writing. We started writing together - both sending each other what we’d written alone, and crafting stories as a pair.

The Dreamwalker, the first instalment of The Witch Lake Chronicles, has received its first reviews on Amazon.

What's been said?

"Anyone who enjoys fiction of the supernatural variety, with a little romance and humor tossed in should enjoy this" Squig486

"It's a light read, quick and fun but engaging, and the characters manage to really feel real, something most lit aimed at a younger crowd misses on IMHO." Jack Jasper

Constance and Lillian are excited and proud to finally be able to share with you their first novel. The Dreamwalker is the first instalment in The Witch Lake Chronicles and has been a labor of love for quite some time now.

Read more about The Dreamwalker, including the first two chapters absolutely free, here!

The pair are already working on the sequel - The Protectors. Keep an eye out for news about release dates for the second exciting installment of the series.

It's been a long road, but the end is finally in sight. Or, at least, the end of this stage. I know what it actually is is just the beginning.

The Dreamwalker is almost ready to go. As I write this, we have the final edits done. Our editor has signed off on it, we've done the final checks - all that remains now is to format the manuscript for publishing. We are almost there.

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