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Anyone who says self-publishing is easy is doing it wrong.

The easiest thing about writing a book is, well - writing a book. It’s all uphill from there. Revisions and editing are work. Then you finish and you think, “Finally! We can publish!”

Then the real work begins…

I am not going to even attempt to comment on what’s next when you work with a publisher. I’ve read other people’s advice, opinions and anecdotes and my intention here is not to knock people who publish in the ‘traditional’ way at all. I can only comment on our own experiences.

As promised, we're slowly getting through the releases on other available sites. Next up: Sony Reader. You can access the store here, or through the permanent link on The Dreamwalker book page on this site.

We mentioned that outlets were going to be coming on line at a pace now, right? Well, you can now get your copy of The Dreamwalker for Nook.

We're pleased to be able to announce that The Dreamwalker is now available for Kobo. You can get your copy here! We'll announce its release in other stores in the coming days, and direct links from the book page will be appearing as well.

Want to win not only a copy of The Dreamwalker but also a whole load of other books by indie authors as well? Here's your chance!

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There really is something about a real, paper book, isn't there? Something tangible, that you can hold in your hands. Turn the pages of. That given time will become worn and aged, despite how carefully you treat it.


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