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The Dreamwalker features on Tara Ford's Fiction Five Friday - see original entry

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“What about dreams?” she asked. She couldn’t understand how dreams could do that to a person. They were supposed to be insubstantial. They were meant to be something that happened, and then you woke up, went about your day and forgot them.

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1. What inspired you to write a paranormal story?

Constance - I have always had an attraction to the unusual and a fascination with the paranormal. When we started writing together, it was one genre that we were both really passionate about. There was never any question what kind of a story ours would be!

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If you do nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear

I always held that this was one of the scariest phrases ever uttered. People use it to justify everything that really we should see as being at least a little dodgy.

My reaction to hearing that phrase is generally ‘yeah, right’ – and never more so than this week, though from a different angle than I had anticipated.

Ever felt you have a novel inside you? Just waiting to emerge onto the page and into the sunlight - to be read in parks, on holidays, on buses, planes and trains around the world? Where does that urge to write come from? Constance Williams talk to Amia Online about her passion for writing and what ignited the author flame inside her....

More in the line of 'released' updates. This one feels a little different though. At long last, The Dreamwalker is available in paperback! We've had so many people ask us when the paperback will be released. We're sorry it's taken this long, but paperback publishing is rather more involved than e-publishing.

It's been a wait, but that day is now here. You can now get your paperback copy of The Dreamwalker through Amazon here!


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