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1. What inspired you to write a paranormal story?

Constance - I have always had an attraction to the unusual and a fascination with the paranormal. When we started writing together, it was one genre that we were both really passionate about. There was never any question what kind of a story ours would be!

Lillian - I love the possibilities! I grew up watching horror movies, and always loved the paranormal elements involved. I also love exploring reactions to crazy events or abilities, something I know Constance and I both get fascinated with.

2. Has anything paranormal ever happened to you?

Constance - I worked in hospitals for many years and, trust me, everyone there has a tale or two to tell about paranormal experiences! For me, personally, I have had a few. Unfortunately, they tend to revolve around having uncanny feelings just before something bad happens to someone I care about. Freaky coincidences or not, people do tend to listen to me if I randomly ask them not to do something!

Lillian - Yes, and a few as well! My mom grew up in a haunted house, interestingly enough. It wasn't in that house, but I had my own ghostly experiences in another. One of them is: I was in the bathroom, doing my hair and waiting for my sister to come home so we could head out somewhere. I saw someone walking past the door into her bedroom, and was chatting away. I realized after a few minutes that I wasn't getting responses, and went to check on her...only she wasn't home. I was completely alone in the house!

3. If you could be any character in fiction, who would you be?

Constance - Oh, wow, what a question! I often feel that I wouldn't want to be a fictional character at all - we authors are so cruel to them! Putting them in danger and breaking their hearts and lives here there and everywhere. They lives such interesting lives, but that can be as much of a curse as an adventure…

Lillian - It’s a very fascinating question! I also have to agree with Constance on this, but okay, if I absolutely had to choose… Today I shall pick: Veronica Mars. I assume every day I would come up with something different.

4. How was your publication experience?

Constance - We decided to publish our début novel, The Dreamwalker, ourselves. Our publication experience has been a steep learning curve, most definitely. Yet it is very rewarding, because you are right there on the front line seeing the results of all of your efforts. I would say that it’s been hard work, but enjoyable for the most part and really inspiring. I have also met some really wonderful people - both readers and other writers.

Lillian - It’s definitely been interesting! There’s been a lot to learn and you have to roll with things easily. It’s tons of work, but I feel it was absolutely the way to go. I look forward to doing it again!

5. Can you give me one of your ‘aha moments’? An Aha moment is when it, meaning a life lesson, becomes clear to you (got it from Oprah).

Constance - The moment that I realised that life is just too short to not live it to the full. Never stay doing something that you’re not happy with. Never put things off. Never say never. I’ve tried to live my that philosophy ever since and it has seen me travel to the other side of the world, go through university twice, have a career as a nurse, and another as a lawyer, and publish my first novel with the sequel on the way next year. Not bad for a woman still in her thirties!

Lillian - In my early 20s I had a fight with a friend, and afterwards realized that I dealt with problems in a wholly unproductive, poisonous way. I learned I needed to deal with things head on, not try to bury them. It took a lot of work but I’m better for it!

6. James Bond ordered a martini, shaken, not stirred. What’s your poison?

Constance - Gin and tonic - preferably Bombay Sapphire, with a slice of lime.

Lillian - Vodka Cranberry!

7. How do you stay inspired to write?

Constance - Having a co-author is wonderful for that, because we bounce ideas off each other so well. If one of us is having a problem with where to go, or has an idea they just can’t make work, then we sit down and brainstorm until we get it out. The technique has never failed us yet!

Lillian - What she said! Not having to lay it all on my own brain is amazing. It’s so helpful to brainstorm, or simply start writing and get to be there in the moment you’re your characters as they deal with others is amazing.

8. How do you find the time to write?

Constance - That’s a much harder question, given that both my co-author and I work full time. Writing is fitted into all those little segments of time. I try and devote time to writing each evening after I get home from work, and I carry a notebook around with me to jot down ideas and bits of chapters on the run. Often one or other of us will leave a partial chapter, or a few ideas for the other to review, so it’s an ongoing process. We both try and clear Friday nights for either writing, or working on things with our editor.

Lillian - I carry my laptop with me, and try to find time, and sometimes that’s far more difficult than one would think. We do tend to get a lot done on weekends, though. I love when we get to knock things around for hours at a time, I always feel really accomplished.

9. The clincher--describe yourself in six words!

Constance – “Nobody said I couldn't do that!”

Lillian - Creative, Writer, Geek, Gamer, Auntie, Sister