In Dreams

Dreams have always fascinated me, even when they were terrifying me. In fact, my very first ‘book’ was based on a reoccurring nightmare of mine. Okay, fine – I was five, and the dream was that a wolf was stalking me around our school playground throwing custard pies at me. At that age, it was the single most terrifying experience of my life, and in what became my typical approach to things that terrify me, I wrote a book about it. In crayon. With pictures. And tied it together with string.

That’s when it started. The fascination with dreams and the fascination with crafting a story. It seems very apt for me to return to the same place for The Dreamwalker.

Exploring dreams has been the most fun I have ever had whilst writing. It allows you to truly let your imagination loose, without the limitations of what is technically possible. It is a leap off a cliff, believing you can fly, and then finding that you can.


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