The Witch Lake Chronicles

The Witch Lake Chronicles is a series of books set in the small, fictional New England town of Witch Lake. The first book follows Sam Gardener, a high school student with his own problems, who stumbles across a long standing vendetta between two opposing families. Suddenly he finds himself falling headlong into a world of magic, where the normal rules no longer apply. Nothing is what it seems, and he has to master his own abilities along the way.


We were thrilled to find that we had been tagged by the lovely Shonda Brock on the Meet My Main Character Blog Tour. It sounds like great fun, and a fabulous excuse to let you all know a little more about our man Sam.

Here are the rules

The taggee must write a post answering the same seven questions about their MC. Then the taggee becomes the tagger and chooses five other authors. It’s sort of like a chain letter with all the potential to become a global virus.

So sorry, dear characters...

We're excited to be able to give you an exclusive preview of the first two chapters of the second novel in The Witch Lake Chronicles.

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